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So this guy I went to high school with was trying to explain to me how pornography is evil BECAUSE it makes men objectify women and leads to rape and abuse.
His statement really bothered me for several reasons.
First of all, I asked him: if a man watches porn and then rapes/abuses a woman, are you saying it is the porn that made him do it?
He replied with something like “yea it probably had a lot to do with it”

Songs like “Blurred Lines,” and pornography, and Fifty Shades of Grey are topics of discussion right now with many conservatives and radical feminists who are drilling them into the ground and constantly bitching about their ability to make men rape and abuse women.

I have a problem with this.
Because I do not believe that men are mindless animals.
All you are doing by complaining about these petty things, such as porn, and this FSOG movie, are giving rapists and psychopaths a new excuse to use, “Oh, I saw it in a movie so I thought it was okay.”
How elementary does that sound?
If a man has the audacity to rape a woman, and you are idiotic enough to believe that it was simply because he watched porn online, YOU are the problem. A man who is capable of raping someone, psychologically, has a few screws loose, and I don’t think that porn, or a book, or a song is going to be what turns nice, well-to-do men into crazed rapists.

My boyfriend and I both watch porn,
And amazingly enough he’s never raped me, or ever made me feel uncomfortable, or pressured me into anything I didn’t want to do.

Imagine that.

It’s almost like he has a mind of his own and knows that the things you watch/read are not always the right way to do things.

What a concept!

TL;DR: Stop fucking blaming porn, and novels, and songs, and women’s clothing for (some) men’s shitty rapist behaviors and start blaming those men’s psychological make-up.


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The Swordsmen in my neighborhood start early.

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